On December 18,2017 Markman Biologics Corporation was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada. Markman Biologics is a patent holding entity to create a value ad in the healing of acute and chronic wounds. Markman Biologics intellectual property pertains to resurfacing of currently utilized smooth surface reconstructive grafts, including but not limited to, acellular dermal, split thickness skin, and decellularize amnion/chorion tissue. By micro surfacing tissue grafts, the hypothesis is to increase surface area, graft – host cellular interaction, adhesion of the graft, and reduce the time of healing.

We have concluded the animal studies with great promise. We have now reached the stage to commence in human studies.

The value add of micro resurfacing of tissue grafts will be conducted in a Phase One Clinical Trial in Burn, and Dental Gum surgeries. Phase Two will conduct Clinical Trials in Dental Implant and Scar Reduction surgery.

Currently tissue grafts are a smooth surface. Micro surfacing can be performed on tissue grafts regardless of their foundational content. The worldwide market of tissue grafts is approximately over 3 Billion US dollars. The primary revenue generation will be through royalty or OEM distribution of micro surfaced tissue grafts. (1)

The proprietary, patented, and next generation biologics technology will target improving the lives of patients undergoing reconstructive surgery.

(1) Transparency Market Research
Phone: +1 (518) 618-1030

The Only Microsurface Dermis on the Market.



Markman Biologics has obtained a series of novel patents that pertain to Micro Resurfacing of Internal and External Medical Reconstructive tissue grafts. Our mission is to broaden and advance their application in a multitude of wound healing scenarios. Markman Biologics will strive to be at the forefront and best in class for continuous improvement in their medical applications.


Innovation / Patented Proprietary Markman Biologics


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